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7 Pontoon Boat Party Ideas & Tips to Get the Party Started Safely

7 Pontoon Boat Party Ideas & Tips to Get the Party Started Safely

Pontoon boats are a great way to enjoy the water while having fun with friends and family. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a weekend getaway, a pontoon boat party can be a memorable experience. However, it’s important to prioritize safety while having fun.

In this article, we will provide you with 7 pontoon boat party ideas and tips to ensure that your party is not only fun but also safe. From decorating your boat to choosing the right music, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get the party started. So, if you’re planning a pontoon boat party, keep reading to learn how to make it a success.

Firstly, we will discuss the importance of safety while on the water. We’ll provide tips on how to ensure that everyone on board is safe, including children and non-swimmers. Then, we’ll dive into the fun part – party ideas! We’ll provide you with unique and creative ideas to make your party stand out, such as water sports challenges and themed parties. So, let’s get started and make your pontoon boat party a hit!

Safety First

When planning a pontoon boat party, it’s important to prioritize safety. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe while still having a great time.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are a must-have for any boating excursion. Be sure to have enough life jackets for all passengers and make sure they are properly fitted. It’s also a good idea to review the location and proper use of life jackets with all passengers before setting off.

Boat Maintenance

Before heading out on the water, make sure the boat is in good working order. Check the fuel, oil, and other fluids, as well as the battery and electrical systems. It’s also important to check the weather forecast and avoid boating in inclement weather.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the boat is always ready for a safe and fun party. Keep a checklist of maintenance tasks and perform them regularly to avoid any surprises.

Other Safety Tips

Here are some additional safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Assign a designated driver who will not consume alcohol
  • Avoid overcrowding the boat
  • Keep a safe distance from other boats and obstacles
  • Be aware of the location of all passengers at all times
  • Keep a first aid kit on board in case of emergencies

By following these safety tips, party-goers can enjoy a fun and memorable pontoon boat party while still prioritizing safety.

Food and Drink

When it comes to hosting a pontoon boat party, food and drink are essential. However, it’s important to plan the menu carefully and ensure that food and drink are consumed safely. Here are some tips for menu planning, food safety, and alcohol consumption to make your pontoon boat party a success.

Menu Planning

When planning the menu for your pontoon boat party, it’s important to consider the number of guests, the length of the party, and the storage and cooking facilities available on the boat. Finger foods, such as chips and dips, sandwiches, and fruit and vegetable platters, are easy to prepare and serve. If you plan to grill, make sure to bring a portable grill and all the necessary utensils and supplies. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages, especially if you plan to spend the day on the water.

Food Safety

Food safety is crucial when hosting a pontoon boat party. Make sure to store and transport food properly to prevent spoilage and contamination. Keep cold foods in a cooler with ice or frozen gel packs, and use a meat thermometer to ensure that grilled meats are cooked to a safe temperature. It’s also important to wash your hands frequently and provide hand sanitizer for your guests.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption on a pontoon boat party can be fun, but it’s important to drink responsibly and ensure everyone’s safety. Make sure to have a designated driver or arrange for transportation after the party. It’s also a good idea to limit alcohol consumption and provide non-alcoholic beverages and food to help absorb alcohol. Finally, make sure everyone on the boat is aware of the safety rules and regulations, such as wearing life jackets and staying within the designated boating area.

By following these tips for menu planning, food safety, and alcohol consumption, you can ensure that your pontoon boat party is a success and everyone has a fun and safe time on the water.


When it comes to a pontoon boat party, entertainment is key. Music, games, and activities can all make the party more enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are some ideas for entertaining your guests on your pontoon boat party:


Music is a great way to set the tone for your party. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs or hire a DJ to keep the party going. Make sure to have a good sound system and enough speakers to cover the entire boat. You can also consider having a karaoke machine to add some extra fun to the party.


Games are a great way to keep your guests entertained and engaged. Some popular games for pontoon boat parties include cornhole, ladder toss, and giant Jenga. You can also consider setting up a poker table or a blackjack table for some friendly competition. Make sure to have enough space on the boat for the games and provide all necessary equipment.


Activities can add some extra excitement to your pontoon boat party. You can consider renting water sports equipment such as jet skis or paddleboards. You can also plan a swimming or snorkeling excursion for your guests. Make sure to have enough life jackets and safety equipment on board and provide proper instructions for any water activities.

Entertainment is an important aspect of any pontoon boat party. By providing music, games, and activities, you can ensure that your guests have a fun and memorable time while staying safe on the water.

Decorations and Ambiance

When it comes to hosting a pontoon boat party, creating the right atmosphere is key. Decorations and ambiance are essential in setting the mood and making your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are some ideas to help you create the perfect ambiance for your pontoon boat party.


Lighting is an important aspect of any party, and a pontoon boat party is no exception. You want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and lighting can help you achieve that. Consider using string lights or lanterns to add a cozy glow to your boat. You can also use candles, but make sure they are in secure holders and never leave them unattended.


Comfortable seating is essential for any party, and a pontoon boat party is no different. Make sure you have enough seating for all of your guests, and consider adding some cushions or pillows for added comfort. You can also create a lounge area by adding some bean bags or inflatable chairs.


In addition to comfortable seating, there are other things you can do to make your guests feel comfortable. Make sure you have plenty of shade, especially if you are hosting your party during the day. You can use umbrellas or a canopy to provide shade. You should also have plenty of sunscreen and bug spray available for your guests.

Creating the right ambiance for your pontoon boat party is all about creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. By using the right lighting, seating, and comfort measures, you can ensure that your guests have a great time and enjoy the party to the fullest.

Guest List and Invitations

Number of Guests

When planning a pontoon boat party, it’s important to consider the number of guests that will be attending. The size of the boat will determine the maximum number of people that can safely be on board. It’s important to not exceed this limit, as it could lead to safety hazards. The number of guests will also determine the amount of food, drinks, and other supplies needed for the party.

Invitation Wording

When sending out invitations for a pontoon boat party, it’s important to include all the necessary information, such as the date, time, location, and any special instructions. The invitation should also include a clear RSVP deadline, so the host can properly plan for the number of guests attending. When wording the invitation, it’s important to be clear about the nature of the party and any expectations for guests, such as bringing their own food or drinks.

To make it easier for guests to plan and prepare for the party, consider including a packing list of suggested items to bring, such as sunscreen, towels, and hats. Finally, it’s important to emphasize the importance of safety on the boat, and to remind guests to follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by the host.

When planning a pontoon boat party, it’s important to carefully consider the guest list and invitations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


Hosting a pontoon boat party can be a fun and memorable experience. However, it is important to prioritize safety to ensure that everyone has a good time. By following the tips and ideas mentioned above, party hosts can ensure that their guests are safe and entertained.